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Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about create-form.com services

Do I need any particular knowledge in order to use this service ?

No this service is a form generator designed to be used without any specific technical knowledge. In order to create your form you will have to fill in fields and check boxes assisted all along the process by help text. Once your form is created all you'll have to do in order to install it on your web page is to cut and paste a few lines of codes provided on the installation page.

Should there be any specific technology or service installed on my server or on my site before I can use create-form.com ?

No, create-form is totally independent from your provider. Even if your web page is on a free server or a blog our forms will work because they access our server.

What happens if I do not renew my subscription on time ?

In that case your form will remain unchanged on create-form for a 90-day period but it will be de-activated, in other words visitors to your web site will not be able to fill it in. If during that period you decide to renew the subscription your form will be re-activated. However after the 90-day period the form will be erased from our databases.

Can I renew my subscription several months in advance ?

Yes on create-form.com you can renew a subscription for 3 months, 6 months (in which case you get an extra month free), or 12 months (in which case you get 2 extra months free).

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How much does this service cost ?

The cost is $2.50 US per month per form. Payments are processed by Paypal. You may opt for a 3-month payment ($7.50 US), a 6-month payment ($15 US), or a 12-month payment ($30 US). For a 6-month subscription you actually get 7 months of use for your form, and for a 12-month subscription you get 14 months of use.

Can I be a member and a referrer at the same time ?

Yes, member and referrer accounts are completely separated on create-form.com. You may choose to be only a referrer or only a member or both.

Is it necessary to have a web page in order to be a referrer ?

No, the referral system allows anybody to become a referrer, whether or not you have your own web page. There are several ways: you may simply enter the emails of your referrals on create-form.com or place a referral link directly into your emails.

Who pays my referral commissions and what are the conditions ?

You need a Paypal account in order to get paid, and your Paypal login email must be provided in your referrer account. When the amount of commission due has reached $5 US, we will credit your Paypal account.

When I test my form I get the message "You are not allowed to use create-form at address ...

There is a validation check on the path of the page where the form is installed : it must be the same as the site address that you have indicated on create-form.com in Customize / General parameters. The site address is the complete path to the web page where the form is installed, excluding the filename of the page itself This information is case sensitive and must be provided accurately in order to function properly.
Examples :

  • If the page including the form is located at the web site root, the site address is : "http://your-domain.com".
  • If the page is located in the folder your-folder, the site address is : "http://your-domain.com/your-folder".
  • If the page is in a sub-folder, the site address is : "http://your-domain.com/your-folder/your-sub-folder".

I cannot adjust the background color of the form to the background color of my page

In that case simply leave the background color field empty, the background color will then be transparent

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