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If you have a web site and you are a beginner or even an expert, here you will find a unique service for online creation and editing of HTML forms. In just a few clicks, you can create customized forms that reflect the look and feel of your own site without any technical knowledge and without any additional tools or software installed on your host site.

With pop-up menus, automatic email replies, anti-robot security, redirection to a thank-you page, information sent to your email, attached documents and more, you will be able to customize your forms and your web site features at will in terms of content and design!

Registration is FREE.

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Take advantage of a free 8-day trial period to explore all the features of our service
Creation module      
Number of fields     no limitation  
Answers sent to your email     2 emails  
Answering email      
Integration into your site      
Customization (color, font, ...)      
Customized support      
Store data on server      
Attached documents (max 1000 ko)      
Anti-robot (captcha)      
Advertisement     -  
Rates     3 months : $7.50 US
6 months (+ 1 month free): $15 US
12 months (+ 2 months free) : $30 US

Whether you are a webmaster or you simply have a blog or an email, check-out our referral program and earn extra cash

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