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You can earn money with your web site, blog or email by referring your friends and contacts !

Referral  program

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Thanks to our referral program you will earn extra cash by making create-form.com known to your friends and contacts. :

  • Registration of your referrals is free and they can test all the features of our professional forms for an 8-day period, free of charge.
  • You can become a referrer whether or not you have a website, by one of several different ways: you may enter your contact emails directly on this site in your referrer account. You will also find in your account customized HTML links, images or banners to be inserted on your web site, blog or even in the signature line of your emails.
  • Unlike other sites, you remain referrer of your contacts, and get a commission on their subscription payments, even after the first subscription of your referrals, for a period ranging from 6-months to several years. During that period, each time a referral renews his subscription for one of his forms, you will get a commission.
  • You will need a Paypal account in order for us to pay your commissions. Paypal registration is free.
  • The commission is sent to your Paypal account as soon as it reaches $US 5.

Here is a table of the commission rates based on the number of your active referrals. A referral is active when he currently subscribes to at least one professional form on create-form.com.

  • level 1 - from 1 to 10 active referrals: your commission rate is $0.3 US per subscription month for a 6-month period
  • level 2 - from 11 to 25 active referrals: the commission rate is $0.45 US per subscription month for a 12-month period
  • level 3 - over 26 active referrals: the commission rate is $0.6 US per subscription month for a 24-month period.

For example if you are a level-3 referrer you get $7.2 US for a 12-month subscription made by one of your referral. If this referral renews his subscription for another 12-month (within a 24-month period) you get $7.2 US again.

The number of active referrals is computed on a daily basis.

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